Does anyone have a sample Google worksheet with Guru api?

  • 22 October 2021
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Hi All, I’m new to Guru API, I need to collect Guru card manager data, to build a custom dashboard, so i would like to know is there sample google sheet available with api call samples that i can use to learn and build with?


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2 replies

Hi Raja - Thank you so much for the post!:v:   I am sharing out a sample Google Sheet that calls Guru’s API, that you can access via the following Guru Public Card Link.  While it does not support your specific use case, I believe it may provide the sample you’re looking for.  Hope this is helpful!!!:pray:



Do you have the same kind of Google sheet to get an export of all cards with following fields ?

Title Boards Tags Date Created Created By Last Modified Last Modified By Last Verified Last Verified By Verifier Views Copies Favorites Trust State Verification Interval Collection Link