Does anyone have experience using Zapier to link up Google Groups with Guru Groups?

  • 14 October 2021
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Desired outcome: When a Google Group is updated, the change also appears in Guru groups. 

For example, if a new BDR joined the company, and then logged into Guru, Zapier would apply their Google Group status to the BDR Guru Group. 

Has anyone used Zapier for something like this? Or know if this is possible? 

Thank you!!


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Great use case @Grace Taylor!


Zapier does offer a Google Group app for paid Zapier plans, but it unfortunately does not offer any Triggers to build your desired workflow with. You could build it in reverse (when a user is added to a certain Guru Group > add them to the corresponding Google Group). 


Are there any other apps that the new BDR needs to log into that could perhaps be the “trigger” that adds the BDR to the correct Google Groups & Guru Groups automatically?