Does anyone know if it's possible to create cards with an ExternalId?

  • 19 January 2021
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Does anyone know if it's possible to create cards *via API* with an ExternalId? And then of course, update the same card in the future using that ExternalId? I'm trying to sync knowledge from another system but the file-based approach seems inefficient and will be much more difficult to implement...

5 replies

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👋 Hi Murray! Have you looked at the Card endpoint documentation? You can create and update cards via the API with a content string of either HTML or markdown content. How many cards are you trying to sync over?
Hi Mary, thanks and yes I've checked out the docs and they do not indicate any way to do this 😕. So I won't be surprised if this is more of a feature request, but it seems like such an obvious approach that I had to ask the community.
I'm trying to sync a collection of several hundred cards, but changes will only occur to something like one card every month or so.
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I will send this over to our product team as feedback. We currently do not support any type of webhook functionality which sounds closer to your use case. I can offer you a Python SDK that would make setting up the file structure approach easier, if that is something you are interested it?
I should make it clear the data only flows toward Guru, so when a card is updated in the external system I want to be able to update just that one card. In the file based approach I believe you have to send the entire collection every time or the cards you don't include will be deleted (right?) Thanks for your help
I don't think it's webhooks I'm after - not looking to receive events from guru.