Export collection of verified cards only

  • 16 July 2023
  • 3 replies

I would like to export a full collection but filter out all the unverified cards. 


Following the docs, it seems as if I need to go over the downloaded collection and call GET card on each individual card to get that information


Any other suggestions? 

3 replies

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Hi @Noam Mansur 👋 With your Card export, what format are you looking to obtain? CSV, PDF, or JSON?

Json would be best

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Hi @Noam Mansur 👋

This is totally possible through our API. You’ll want to hit this endpoint: POST 

You’ll want to send a request body which will filter for the specific cards you’re looking for (example: cards in X collection that are verified). The way you can get that JSON body is actually through the UI. If you go to Card Manager and set your filters, you’ll see a “Copy Filters as JSON” button - that’s what you’ll want to pass in the request body.

The JSON should look something like this:

{ "queryType": "cards", "collectionIds": [ "6990ea4d-9c40-449b-8666-0eaf41d225df" ], "query": { "nestedExpressions": [ { "type": "trust-state", "verificationState": "TRUSTED", "op": "EQ" } ], "op": "AND", "type": "grouping" } }

Let me know if this helps, or if you have any further questions!