How Jon Peck from Github built a migration tool from Github into Guru using the API

  • 22 September 2020
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Happy :fallenleaf: Autumnal Equinox :fallenleaf: - Time to give gratitude and start fresh! In the spirit of fresh starts, why not start that custom sync project you have been wanting to do 👀?
Jon Peck from GitHub recently shared with us how he built a *reusable migration tool from their Sales Enablement team's GitHub repository into Guru*. His initial MVP took *~2 days* and he also posted his Github to Guru action for the Guru Community to use! Since building this sync, Guru has given his team a single place where they can store and maintain all reference material relevant to their sales process. Learn more about Jon's project here.
Do you have any external content sources that you want to sync into Guru but are not currently available via the Knowledge Sync feature? Are there any roadblocks in using Guru's API to build that sync for you and your team? Feel free to share in the thread!

1 reply

Thanks for sharing this awesome story and resource @mhouston!