How to create card inside specific section in the board via API?

  • 3 October 2022
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Hello guys, 

Could someone help with this?


Best answer by Joe Duffy 3 October 2022, 21:54

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Hi @Oleksii Petrokhalko 👋

Thanks for your question! If you are using the POST /api/v1/cards/extended endpoint to create a card, you can add additional detail the body of the request in order to add it to a particular section.

First, you’ll need to grab the sectionId that you want by using the GET /api/v1/boards/{boardId}?lite=true endpoint.

Then, in body of the request to the POST /api/v1/cards/extended endpoint, you’ll want to add an “action” object to the boards list. It should look like this:

"action": {
"sectionId": "{sectionId}",
"actionType": "add",
"prevSiblingItem": "{sectionId}"

Hope this helps - let me know if this works for you!



Hi @Joe Duffy 

thx it is working




I probably need more explicit instructions than most, but this syntax worked for me.  Thanks for the help


"collection": {

"name": "MyCoolCollection",

"id": "f53f56ac-7f9b-451d-bc1b-3fc8505d875c"


"boards": [


"action": {

"id": "3e800c6f-27a0-46dc-8648-ba7cbb87cc7e",

"actionType": "add"


"id": "824a77d8-c202-44a1-9371-152d68e7dd3c",

"title": "MyCoolBoard"



"shareStatus": "TEAM",

"content": "Testing new card content",

"preferredPhrase": "Test Card"