Integrate Guru into Active Directory Groups/Roles and OKTA

  • 15 June 2022
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Hi All,

My name is Weyland and I’m new here to Guru.  Basically what I am trying to do is setup in our Active Directory domain with the proper group/roles so when we onboard someone, we place that person in that group and that person would have access to Guru.  That’s the 50K foot level explanation.  Coming down just a little bit, we are also restricting access to Guru with the use of OKTA.  Basically to access, you must logon to OKTA (which has ties to Active directory) and from there, Guru would be an application that a user can access.   I am aware that within Guru, there is a whole process to do to grant users to certain collections/cards etc. I guess that would be part two of the question.  If we segment out the access permissions within active directory, I’m guessing we would then fine tune in Guru.

So as an example.  I create 3 groups in AD (Guru RO (read only), Guru CO (collections owner), and Guru Admin.  I place a user in one of these groups.  This AD group is then mapped to OKTA (which then allows users to access to the Guru application, which then hopefully is then integrated into the respect roles with in Guru.

Confused yet?  I really appreciate some guidance here :)





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Hi @Weyland Wong! 👋

Apologies for the late response here!

Seeing that you use Okta, and you want to provision user accounts in Guru based on what groups they’re a part of in Okta, I wanted to send you this link that explains how to set up SCIM through Okta. Take a look at this and let me know if this solution would work for you!

Thanks and have a great day!