Is anyone using the API to sync JIRA into Guru?

  • 26 August 2020
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Hey all! is anyone api-ing JIRA into their guru instance? We are looking to have a single source of truth in regards to product information!

5 replies

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Hey Kelly! Great question - would love to hear if anyone from the community is doing this!
I know one Guru customer (Workato) built out a iPaaS connector to use Guru <> Jira triggers/actions which they built via our API. Bit of a lift and an additional third party iPaaS, but thought it was worth sharing!
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Hi @mhouston thank you for the helpful insight I will pass this along!!
Hey @kelly.parks! I'm curious, what types of product info. live in Jira that you're hoping to pull into Guru?
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@chrisanderson @jharman actually helped me out on this one! but we are looking to sync our bugs into guru for searchability!
Ah makes sense, thanks for sharing, glad Jamey was able to help with this!