Is there a API that can use a Get to search a folder?

  • 21 March 2024
  • 2 replies

We moved our product support documents to Guru. Our customer access these documents from our website. I’m using API to search and get documents. Each document is a card. We have a collection holding these documents. We use folders to organize the documents into subgroups.

We want to use a Collection Token for Guru API calls. Consequently, only Get operations are authorized.

The Guru search API supports a Get to search the whole collection, but I cannot find a parameter to specify a Folder ID to search a specific folder.

The Post to the cardmgr API does support searching a folder, but this cannot be used by a Collection Token.

Am I overlooking something?

2 replies

Hey @Chris Adams 👋  There is an endpoint that will return the Cards and folders that live directly within a folder. Here it is:


Hopefully this helps get you what you need but if not, let me know what’s missing and I’ll be here to assist further!


That does look helpful. Thx!