Is there a way to populate Guru's analytics data into a Google sheet?

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<@UNDEN3NBV> awesome talk on the API (I just watched). I was looking to see if I could use the Analytics data to populate a Google Sheet (like you did). Is there a way to get it done via Zapier? I'm not a hardcore coder, so prefer to see if a more plug and play exists

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Cool use case @gabriel! I believe Maya used Google Apps script for calling the Guru API from a google sheet. We have seen others build out workflows using Zapier's generic HTTP trigger, but I will send the Zapier integration feedback to our product team as well!Apps Script  |  Google Developers
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I'm embarking on a near identical mission to this Gabriel. I'll reach out if/when :crossed_fingers: I make headway as I'm going to attempt to approach it through Zapier as well. I too am not a hardcore coder.

Hi, was there any progress on this topic ?