List collections endpoint returning all collections rather than 25 + next page of results

  • 5 April 2023
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Hey all,

I’m using this endpoint:

In the documentation it says:

Returns all undeleted collections accessible to the authenticated user. A maximum of 25 collections will be returned. If more than 25 collections exist, a link to the next page of results will be included in the Link header


We need to retrieve all collections so the current functionality works in our favour, but if this gets corrected, it will cause a breaking change in our app.
Does anyone know the current max results per page, or if there even is one?


Many thanks



Best answer by James Ahlborn 6 April 2023, 17:10

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While this API probably should be paged, it is in fact not currently paged at all.  We will update the documentation, thanks for pointing this out!