membersWithCardView missing from API results

  • 29 October 2021
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Hello, I’ve been trying to use API to pull information about card usage. Unfortunately I only get “views”, I don’t seem to be able to get “membersWithCardView”.

With SDK it seems it’s straight up not there ( With API, the documentation shows in the example response section ( that it should be there under “cardInfo” object, but it seems it’s not there either:

>>> r = requests.get(url=url, headers=headers)
>>> r.json().keys()
dict_keys(['owner', 'lastModified', 'version', 'id', 'tags', 'content', 'verificationReasons', 'knowledgeAlerts', 'hasDrafts', 'teamId', 'verifiers', 'collection', 'dateCreated', 'lastVerified', 'lastVerifiedBy', 'lastModifiedBy', 'preferredPhrase', 'htmlContent', 'shareStatus', 'boards', 'verificationInterval', 'slug', 'guruSlateToolsVersion', 'originalOwner', 'verificationState', 'verificationType', 'verificationInitiationDate', 'cardType', 'nextVerificationDate'])

I’ve also seen another endpoint being brought up in 

but that one just gives me 405.

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