Option to have the API response paging link as an element within body of response

  • 15 July 2020
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Is there an option to have the API response Paging link as an element within the Body of the response, rather than within its header? I cannot access the response header from within Power BI (or more specifically, from within Power Query), so quite a lot of the APIs capabilities are unusable to me. 

3 replies

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It looks like the Power BI community found a workaround to pulling response headers by building a custom connector or potentially run the query outside of Power BI and export logs to a JSON file which can be consumed by Power Query? I'll ask our developers if they have any creative workarounds, but this unfortunately seems to be a limitation of Power BI when consuming third party APIs (Okta, Zendesk, etc.).

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Thanks for the update, Mary. You're right about the limitation being with Microsoft in not giving us access to the response header. I'm not entirely thrilled with the workarounds 😞
• Custom Connectors in Power BI are a significant amount of coding effort to create, and then they also have to be registered and certified at the corporate entity level and finally installed on all Power BI Gateways as they do not work in the standard Power BI Service in Azure.
• Exporting logs to a file would work just fine, but that would mean that we would need to manually run that export every 4 hours of every day. I realise that the Analytics Data (Looker) output can be exported on a schedule, but it can only be sent either as an email or to a webhook. I have no webhook available, and my corporate email account runs through Google rather than Exchange, so no email connector from within Power BI. :exploding_head: [Feel my pain!?]
Surely allowing us even to increase the API response package size to be > 50 records would be an alternative?
I'll also add that Power BI is the #1 BI tool in the world according to Gartner and Forrester with countless millions of users. This seemingly simple blocker excludes all Power BI users from accessing Guru data without considerable pain.
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Thanks for the feedback Geoff. Spoke with my development team on a couple options but none of which seem like that would ease your pain. Will share the other workaround we came up with just in case it sparks some ideas: 1. Make a web service or iPaaS solution that sits in between us and Power BI — this service could read the link header, put it in the body, then the response that Power BI gets would have everything in the body. 2. Could call the analytics API with sufficiently small slices of time that pagination wouldn't happen (still pretty painfully)