Why does the API only show the last reply for each comment thread?

  • 27 January 2023
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I made a GET call to{cardId}/comments, but when I look through the returned data, it only goes one reply deep AND it only shows the most recent reply in a comment thread, even though there might be 3 replies total.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a different API call I need to make to get all replies?


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Hey @Craig Lloyd  👋

Apologies for the confusion here. There is a separate endpoint that you need to call to get all replies to a particular comment. Here it is:


We’ll be sure to update our documentation to reflect this soon.

In the meantime, happy building!

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Thank you, @Joe Duffy! Is there a way to get the replies from multiple comments in one call? Or do you have to make separate API calls for each comment?

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@Craig Lloyd Glad this helps! You’ll have to loop through the comment ID’s that come back through the /api/v1/cards/{cardId}/comments endpoint and pass the comment ID to the /api/v1/cards/{cardId}/comments/{commentId}/replies endpoint.

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Hey @Joe Duffy! Sorry to revive this thread again. I was finally able to try the endpoint to grab replies from a comment, but I’m getting this:

"description" : "Comment does not belong to specified Card"

I’ve double-checked that the comment id goes with the card id, and even tried different cards, but having no luck.

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Hey @Craig Lloyd - going to send you a private message to ask for some more detail so I can look into this!

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Closing the loop here for the sake of visibility - Craig and I chatted privately and resolved this issue. Users will need to pass the long ID’s for both the card and the comment in their call to the endpoint below:


For example, your call should look like this:


Instead of this: