Option to exclude keyword search from Answers

  • 3 November 2023
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Hi team!

We’ve noticed that Guru Answers is proving answers even for keyword searches and on many occasions the provided answers are actually incorrect, if the keyword search is not specific enough. With over a thousand cards with hundreds of different processes for tens of different providers and suppliers, any incorrect information can lead to mishandling, DSAT and even a potential loss. 

We are training our users to ask actual questions and to include certain details for Guru to find the correct card and give accurate answer - however, to train almost 1200 users takes some time.

We would very much like to avoid situations where the agents would relay on an answer coming from a keyword search if the Answer is incorrect which, especially less experienced CC agents will rarely spot - they rely on Guru as a source of truth.

Any chance you thought about giving the option to have the Answers only respond if the user asks an actual question?

5 replies

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Hey @Lucia Delicova, thanks for reaching out! And, great timing - your CSM Stephanie let me know she has a call with you this week. She’s bookmarked this post as something to chat through together live. 🙌 

For anyone else reading/upvoting who may be feeling similarly (@Patricia Leighton @Felix Raab 🙂):

  • Take a look at the Guru generative AI feature FAQ. In it, we’ve started to outline advice for how to prepare the workspace to add the beta Answers feature as another tool in the toolbelt. Is there anything you feel is missing, or is there a resource you wish you had for the internal launch but aren’t finding? And, are there any resources you have produced or found helpful for explaining generative AI to your teams?
  • It’s important to remember this is a public beta feature - it’s one big learning opportunity. So, please keep sharing feature feedback and feature requests! It’s posts like this that help our product team make even more informed decisions about its future.
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Hi @Marie Frei thanks for getting back! Yes, Steph already let me know we can discuss this further.

We’re still pending to train most of our user base on using the Answers feature (approx. 900 users in our outsourced hubs) and it’s on our roadmap to complete that in the coming weeks.

In the training, we give some tips for asking the questions to get the most accurate answer, see below:


However, the option to exclude the keyword search from Answers would, in my opinion, help the users in transitioning from the keyword searching to asking questions and adding relevant details in order to get the most relevant and accurate answer 🙂 

I’ll check the FAQ you shared and see if I can add anything to it.

Hi @Marie Frei, I looked into the FAQs, but unfortunately it only says that these data sources are/will be connected. It doesn’t say if they can be/will be searched through by the Guru Answers feature and provide the source for answers directly from these documents.


With AI Assist this is much more clear to me


Could you please provide more information?

Thanks a lot!


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Hey @Felix Raab, I can help shed some light on this! Guru admins link external sources to allow Guru’s beta Answers feature to utilize the information contained at the source to develop suggested answers to questions asked in Guru’s web app and extension. When an external source is used as part of forming a suggested answer, a link to the source file is displayed. I’ve updated the FAQ article to reflect Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box are live in the web app under Settings > Apps and Integrations > Sources page. OneDrive and SharePoint are coming soon. 🎉

how is it possible to exlude words like

“ist” which means “is” or rank them lower?


Whenever i wright “ist” in the questionwhich is the germany version of “is” Guru shows all cards that include this word..