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  • 10 June 2023
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my idea ..


in the last week I've completed a comparative study of scrintal lattics and obsidian philosophies

I use these apps (for the time being notion and roam research are not included here though I use them)

obsidian has fine-tuned its logo more than cosmetic promo : it sends a message the app is a crafting tool

Guru beta has added assist with 20 redaction routines - these may be time-savers in the short term but let's also recall wordcraft is person-unique neuro-improvisatory with network ramifications and evolves over a lifespan this has impact for individual and corporate knowledge creation and deployment:

knowledge is not reactive nor is it magic neither is it simply powered by science ..

so, ai-redaction helpers need to make space for this person-unique element in knowledge assembly



success of beta ..


I welcome three things for the success of beta..

a relook at guru logo

a finetune of guru mission statement

a gap-filler for a vision statement


for me these have important association with credible ai-algo routines thanks


Happy weekend

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