Describe your week in a gif/meme - it's celebration time! 🎉

  • 22 October 2021
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Happy Friday Guru Community! Checking in, how was your week? Drop a meme or a gif to sum up your week and the progress you made on your knowledge goals below. 


Special shoutout to:

@Grace Taylor  and @Deborah Sanderfur , who shared their stories at the Guru Deep Dive on Knowledge Councils this week! Watch the recap:


This week’s top leaderboard users who’ve done a great job of asking questions, answering questions, dropping product feedback, and exploring what the community has to offer!

@Caspar Hübinger @Gregory Williamson @Melissa Donohue @Lindsey Hart @Alicia Lane @Grace Taylor @Alyssa Huat @Siobhan Hyser @Renee Osgood 


Product Ideas of the Week: 

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This week I made progress on...

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Last week was a busy one! Love this prompt, Callie! Last week I made progress on:

  • Better Understanding our team’s search behaviors through Usability Testing
  • Cascading content through different levels of access via collections & board permissions to rollout a large change
  • Flagged content without true subject matter experts, connected with a few SMEs to bring attention to content that needed to be updated, & archived content that is no longer relevant!


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Hey @Lindsey Hart ! What a great week! I’m curious what you do for usability testing - do you join live calls, or walk through coaching calls? 


Hope your Guru wins continue this week :) 



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Lol perfect GIF, Callie!! We develop tasks based on content that our team struggles to find (SME feedback on FAQ/frustration that “it’s in guru!” or feedback from our primary guru site users), strategies we want to test - like how we deliver or organize content (in guru card, screen shot, loom video, FAQ style, etc), and even to help drive home the decisions we make as knowledge managers to subject matter experts that feel very strongly about what the guru card should entail/how it should look/be titled. So our team develops the tasks, moderates the sessions (with a group of volunteer coaches that have interest in this project), and identify site issues to fix. We all join a zoom call & have the participant who is completing the tasks screen share!

It has been a game changer for our team to better understand the search behaviors of our primary guru site users, make changes to education on guru, & help inform/test strategies for how we deliver content!