Friday Feel Goods 🌟 Share a highlight from your week!

  • 28 January 2022
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Dearest Guru Community, it’s time for a round of Friday Feel Goods. What made your week this week? Was it a Guru win? A song that showed up on shuffle bringing back good ol’ times (and vibes)? A cozy winter moment? 


I think the ‘20s (2020, 2021, 2022) have shown us how important it is to pause and reflect on the good. You’re doing amazing, whether it’s the impact you’re creating through your work as knowledge managers or your individual accomplishments.


Community highlights from the week 



We had our first Deep Dive of 2022 (and largest Deep Dive to date) yesterday on product enablement. Product experts and Guru strategists @John Josi @Martin Evans and @Kate Hutchinson shared their best practices and approaches for keeping product knowledge organized, teams enabled, and companies scalable. 



One of our most frequently asked questions from Guru customers, specifically implementors and knowledge managers, is around presenting to leadership. How can we support the higher level folks in understanding the impact Guru can have on the entire company? @Alex Avila @Valerie Renda @Anastasia Rybalko @Gabriel Ginorio and @Alice Jin jumped in to share their advice — learn from them here: 



Guru keeps getting better because YOU keep the product ideas coming our way. Check out the latest ideas shared by community members here and vote for your favorites. Top ones from the week include: 

  • Expanded Analytics
  • Adding company branding to Cards
  • Expanding search functionality



Did you know that every interaction you have in the Guru Community gives you points? Each week, the community members with the most interactions rises to the top of the leaderboard. Special shoutout to 

@Alice Jin @Amelia Altstadt @Robert J. Finn  @Hassan Muhammad and @Iñigo De Vicente for bringing your input to the community this week!


Drop your weekly win in the thread below 👇

Let’s celebrate together!

3 replies

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...wore my Guru sweatshirt earlier this week. Not only was it cozy, but when co-workers noticed in Zoom they started excitedly talking about Guru cards they just made or updated. :nerd: 

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We FINALLY just got approved to upgrade from the Starter Plan to the Builder Plan starting in February! :tada: We are so so pumped to start using some of the Builder features like Groups, Advanced Permissions, Knowledge Alerts, and Analytics.

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Thanks Callie for the shoutout!


Today, I hosted a lunch and learn and a couple team leads from other departments joined!


I announced our new workflows & org structure + naming conventions - did a huge rehaul this month since I moved into this new role (which was sparked by implementing Guru last year). I really hope we get approved to upgrade to the Builder Plan soon - we’re testing it out next week & I can’t wait to show our leaders how much it will impact our teams work!