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Hi folks! 

Really liked Shona’s format so I’m stealing it for my post :stuck_out_tongue:


Name: Jacob Touchette

Role: Knowledge Management Specialist

Company: Shopify 

Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 

Why I am here: To stay up to date on Guru and see what others are doing with the tool.  

What I am trying to learn: How I can improve our current implementation and what other teams are doing with Guru as it related to Knowledge Management (KM). 


Excited for this new community platform!

Hi everyone, 

I’m Gabriela, knowledge management specialist responsible for adopting KCS in Mews. I’m here to learn how y’all are using Guru and see if we can also use it more effectively and also how to teach our people to adopt all the great features. 

I’m looking forward to hearing, reading and sharing tips with you all and making the best out of Guru! :raised_hands_tone2:

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👋Hi all, I’m Caspar, currently leading internationalisation and knowledge management at Raidboxes, a managed WordPress hosting provider based in Germany.

We use Guru with a bilingual team which comes with its own challenges, hacks, and workarounds. I have a background in open source localisation, so the general happy mess content in multiple languages tends to cause on any platform definitely feels familiar. 😊 I’d be very curious to hear how others may approach multilingual content on Guru.

Edit: just found my coworker’s thread, shamelessly plugging it here for reach.

Name: Alan Dyck 

Role: Product Manager

Company: Shop-Ware shop management system for auto repair

Location: SF east bay, California 

Why I am here: I have one question I need to ask, then I’ll just share and absorb 🧠 

What I am trying to learn: A good way to build and maintain a glossary, where each term has 4-5 attributes (like context, synonyms, and definition) without filling one card with a giant table

Hey all! :wave: My name is Lindsay and I’m the Knowledge & Content Manager at BrokerBay, a real estate SaaS startup based in Toronto, ON.

I’ve worked with BrokerBay for a year on the client support side of things and was recently promoted into this role thanks to my background in copywriting, education, and communications. We’re at ground zero here in terms of documentation and knowledge management processes, so I’m a healthy mix of excited and overwhelmed by the task ahead of me :joy:

I’m currently pushing for our company to adopt Guru as our KMS in the new year, and am keen to learn more from this community about knowledge management as a whole and Guru tips, tricks & best practices in specific. Looking forward to learning and sharing alongside all you lovely folks! :blush: