Share your Guru wins! Describe your week in a gif/meme and celebrate your progress! ūüéČ

  • 29 October 2021
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Happy Friday Guru Community! On a scale of scary → serene seasonal vibes, how was your week? Drop a fall-related meme or a gif to sum up your week and the progress you made on your knowledge goals below. 



Special shoutout to:

This week’s top leaderboard users who’ve done a great job of asking questions, answering questions, dropping product feedback, and exploring what the community has to offer!

 @Lindsey Hart  @Siobhan Hyser  @Chris Aleman @Evan Daily @Ben Sykes @Ali Berman @Tomek Krajewski @Kelly Hopson @Sean Connolly 


Have a great weekend, can’t wait to hear how Halloween plans go!

This week I made progress on:

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  I’m not saying ALL of these happened to me this week, butttt…


¬†How it feels when you get multiple¬†‚Äúrequest for verification‚ÄĚ notifications in a row:¬†


The step I take to get reps using my Guru customer story Cards after hosting an enablement session and following up in Slack (for legal reasons, this IS a joke) :wink: :  


Me and Guru Deep Dive speakers @Grace Taylor and @Deborah Sanderfur last week ready to tackle everyone’s knowledge council questions: 




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These killed me!!! :joy::joy: Wooo go ghost squad!