What are your Guru Wins for the week?

  • 1 October 2021
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Hey everyone, happy Friday! It’s time to celebrate the end of another week, and progress towards your goals! What have been your wins this week when it comes to knowledge management and Guru?


Could be an increased trust score, adoption rate, a new integration you set up— whatever comes to mind, it’s worth taking the time to recognize the impact of your work! Share your wins below :sunglasses:


3 replies

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Tagging @Joan Alcances since I know you’ve made so much clean up / refresh progress lately, and @Caspar Hübinger  to virtually high five ya on the verification workflows you’ve been spinning up. 


Plus … @Caspar Hübinger @Daniel Crackower @Siobhan Hyser @Gabriel B @Jamie Smither @Michelle Williams @Eli Segev @Lexi A. @Jessica Velez @Amanda Labby you have all made it to the top of our leaderboard this week for sharing questions, tips, and product ideas! :clap: Thank you for being such great champs and contributing to this community! 

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We made a big update to our “all members” guru group as we hire more contractors and non-full time employees. Generally, our users are granted access to Guru via Okta, but not all contractors added via Okta should have access to all content that our FTE users have.

So with our Okta admin help, we created an Okta push group for all FTE into Guru, replaced “all members” groups with the new “FTE group” within collections and boards shared via board permissions, and will manage contractors and non FTE users individually. 

It was a bit of a hassle to test and find which boards were shared to “all members” via board permissions, but was able to complete and another win towards the direction of better user management. 

That’s fantastic, thanks for sharing @Michelle Williams 🙌🏻