What's your Guru win for the week?

  • 24 September 2021
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Hey everyone! Fall is officially here! What have been your wins this week when it comes to knowledge management and Guru? What are you working towards this quarter? Increasing yoru trust score and adoption rates? Redoing your tagging structure? Celebrate your progress below! :sunglasses:


Shoutout to @Radhika Parashar  @David Parle @Joaquin Felix Dalla Via  and @Julia Soffa  whose progress inspired many during this weeks Deep Dive on knowledge hires!


Tagging some of our most active community members this week! Would love to hear the latest :) @Joan Alcances @Sarah W @Tami Dubi @Elise Kroes @Michael Castillo  

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Last month we surveyed our CX partner agents to learn more about their experience with Guru. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and now have some data that will help us prioritize changes and updates over the next quarter!


We also wrapped up a 4 month audit of 219 Troubleshooting Cards to make sure they meet the KCS standard. We’re putting some final touches on resources/training for agents and then will plan to launch this revised KCS Collection before the holidays.