Who's going to Support Driven Leadership Summit (June 6-7 in PDX)?

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Hey friends 👋🏻 I was curious, who’s planning to make it to Support Driven Leadership Summit coming up June 6-7 in Portland? @Caroline Krueger@Marie Frei@Adrian Guggenheim, Amanda, Audrey, and I will be there, and we’d love to connect with folks here in the community who will be there!

Drop a comment if you’ll be there, and we’ll figure out some plans to meet up if we can 😊

Coping in a few folks because I’m seeing the companies where you work are going on the SD page 👀 @Siobhan @Joshua Ordehi @Jessica Valero-Gil @Adrienne S 

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Hey Chris! Two of our support team leads are headed to it 😁

Hey Chris, I’ll be there! Would love to say hi 

@Adrienne Soong just invited you to a small dinner Guru’s support team is hosting Mon. 6/6! @Siobhan Hyser if email or dm me the folks coming from Hotjar I’ll invite them as well 😊

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Thanks Chris! Just replied :-) Have a great time everyone!