Ability to add anchors in cards without markdown

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I sometimes want to make references to other chapter in my Guru documentation. Today, the current anchoring is a technical workaround and high in maintenance.

It would be a great leap forward in efficiency, user experience and productivity if we can insert anchors via the @ key and choose between cards and a chapter from our new ToC.



Also, it’s today not always clear what card you are linking because the folder path is also not visible. If you want to link a card “create new user” but you have 12 software systems in your organization running it’s more of a lucky guess to find the right card. 

We have close to 50 different providers/tools and within most of them the same set of processes (book/modify/cancel and such) that are, of course, different for each provider. We figured the easiest way to solve this issue is adding the name of the tool to the title. Occasionally, that makes the title quite long but on the other hand it helps our users easily find what they need. Also, it helps AI Suggest Text in suggesting the correct cards for the relevant provider and process (or so we think).

Hi @Lucia Delicova ,

So, we've chatted about this idea before, but somehow it doesn’t feel right. It seems a bit odd that you have to keep mentioning the system in every card title, especially when you're reading or editing cards within that system's folder. I mean, think about it – when you're reading a book, you don't have to keep reminding yourself what book you're reading on every page, right?

I kind of imagine that AI should be able to catch on that you're working in a particular system folder and lend a hand by suggesting text without having to specify that in the title.

I absolutely agree that if you’re adding a card from within a board and if you want to link a card from within the same board, it absolutely makes sense that AI should catch it.

It can get a bit tricky if you want to reference a card from a different folder or even collection, as we sometimes do. If there would be a way to filter through the folders/collections, that would be great.

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I believe on the duplicate “Allow Direct Links to a Header” request, it also mentioned the ability to have a link from external sources to a heading in a Guru card. That was a request during the ToC upvoting (origination of the idea that the duplicate post referenced), so just want to make sure that doesn’t get lost in the request. The KB our team moved from allowed us to link to headers on other pages to reference a very specific section. While we try to stick to “bite-sized” information in Guru cards, some of our more technical documentation suffers from being broken up, so being able to link to specific sections/headings would be ideal.