Ability to search embedded files

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The ability to search embedded files would be extremely helpful. 

We link and embed files on Guru Cards from external sources (SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.). Sometimes the content of these files can be copied into the Card content itself, but that is not always the best path forward  for our use case. 

It would be very beneficial if our employees could find the information they are looking for faster and easier by using the search bar to find the cards that contain the files with the information they are looking for. 

I see the search bar picks up content in files attached to a Card (hosted by Guru), but this is not usually the best option for our use case. 

Thank you!

Agreed. If Guru could search embedded iframe content it would make transitioning away from other tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive Suite, etc.) easier.

People who are still comfortable using those existing tools can continue to use them while the rest of the guru crew can still find them with updated information.


Guru does apparently searches attachments..but this isn’t the same: https://help.getguru.com/en/articles/5371873-how-content-is-indexed-for-search-in-guru