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Hey Guru team - would be great if we can add cards to multiple collections! Currently, this functionality only exists for cards within a collection.

In case you're already not doing this, here's a workaround in the meantime, use an iframe of the card.

Thanks @bethanne! Yes, embed + iframe is my go-to right now

@hmuhammad @bethanne We also considered this option, but then the card content is not visible in Slack 😕
Oof, yeah, I can see that. We don't use the Slack integration nearly as much as we probably should, so I didn't think of that.
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Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for the feedback, we agree this would make your work easier and therefore would be a valuable change to Guru. For that reason I’ll set this to “Accepted.” That said there will be quite a bit to think through in figuring out how to make this change and we don’t have anything planned in the near-term for tackling this. Keep adding your votes and thoughts here, we'll reach out once we start to do research.

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Sharing @Jessica Velez’s comment from another discussion here, as it gives another use case relevant to this idea:

...I truly believe that adding the ability to add cards to multiple collections not just boards could help with permission settings and eliminating content not needed for all languages while having necessary content updated with one single card across multiple language platforms for better search results.

Hope this is added as a feature soon :fingers_crossed_tone1: 


We can’t use the embedded iframe workaround because some employees don’t have access to one of the two collections. We want the card in the restricted collection because some of these team members find cards by folders/boards in this collection. The only other option seems to be duplicating the card and updating two sources of truth when edits are required.

​​​​​+1 on this - honestly would be helpful if certain boards / board groups could be added to multiple collections as well. 

Thinking about scaling knowledge / managing information across multiple collections, being able to use one card, shared across multiple collections with individual protections within the card, would be a huge value-add.

Use-case: perks and reimbursements are universal, but specific amounts and the process for claiming reimbursement vary based on geography. We’d like to have one card with all the information for each region, and within the card, permissions for EEs from each region to view information specific to them. Today, we’d need to create 6-7 country collections and update information across each collection rather than just update one card. If we enter new countries / regions, by nature of current-state, our work compounds significantly. 

This feature would save us so much time! I really  hope to see this become available soon. 

hoping this gets prioritized soon as it’s been a conversation thrown around since I started using Guru at a previous company I worked for. This was back in 2020, I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed yet.

Hi all - any updates on this request and a timeline? We are in the process of determining content structure for our engineering knowledge and allowing cards to live in multiple collections would be a game changer and allow us to be more creative with our content organization. Many thanks!


Voted. What can be done to make this happen? One of our goals in implementing Guru was to avoid content duplication but this puts us back where we started… We need to be able to create some cards once and share in multiple collections. It is a major bummer that it doesn’t work that way already.

Can anyone from Guru give us an update on the timeline for this feature? This would make a HUGE change to how our team works in Guru.

This is a huge opportunity for our company. As mentioned in other comments above, we need to avoid duplicate content but this is requiring us to create duplicate content. One case we need this for is onboard new employees. We have a collection with content that every employee should learn, no matter their role. Much of this content is also needed for specific roles day to day operations. We have to copy the card content and create duplicated for the info to live in 2 or more different collections. This is quickly making guru very messy. 

If we could have cards in multiple collections, we wouldn’t even need to have a separate onboarding collection with content for all employees + multiple collections with just role specific onboarding materials in boards. With the ability to use cards in multiple collections, we could have onboarding groups in each teams collection, add the basics and role specific cards, and most importantly sort the cards in the order they need to learn the material. 

We have to copy the card content and create duplicated for the info to live in 2 or more different collections. This is quickly making guru very messy.


Hey William, we’ve been dealing with this exact same thing. Having duplicate information in a knowledgebase felt like playing Russian Roulette. Our current workaround is to use iframes to embed our primary source card within other cards where we want to reference it.

For anyone interested, see this public card:


Hi Community, 

Thanks so much for all the engagement on this post and for all of your input. There is currently no change but this is very much still on Guru’s radar because we understand this would be very valuable. Please continue to share your feedback and when our plans changes we will let you all know!



Hi! Do you have an update on when this feature will be rolled out?  This functionality is becoming increasingly critical for our company as our org grows.

^ I agree. As we grow, we share cards cross-functionally. There are certain cards for example that I need to be shared between an HR board and IT board. I can’t put them in a company-wide board because there is information on those cards that only HR and IT should see due to the content of the cards. From an IT standpoint, at the rate we are scaling- I’m going to have to start consider an alternative company-wide knowledge base. 

@Omar Carrasco - Any progress on this? I’m hoping you folks didn’t consider this being a need when designing your DB model.

Hi Guru team, any feedback on this feature? 157 upvotes and counting!