Add employee profile field for telephone number

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I’m looking for some inspiration to get our company telephone list on Guru. Today our receptionist is maintaining this in an Excel file and distributes this every quarter. Meaning, the telephone list doesn’t hold the new employees for a while.

One of the ideas is to use Guru where you can easily search on a contact and find the extension number. But I don’t know what the best approach would be here. Any ideas?

Hi Maarten! This is a cool use of Guru.  One of the first things that comes to mind is employee profiles.  While, there is no way to make a field like extension number mandatory, it could be something that you encourage employees to put in their “About Me” section.  This way when someone searches for an employee they can see that extension number in their profile!


More about Employee Profiles here!

Hi Molly,

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate a lot. The ‘about me’ section on your profile is a free text field that requires manual input by every individual. I was rather thinking it could be a good idea to make it available for the AD integration and add it as an icon on the overview section like we already have with the email.

Because we don’t see other options available and want to avoid the manual input per individual, we uploaded the telephone list as one giant table on one of the pages. But we think that this also doesn’t really feel right...


Hi Maarten - Thanks for more clarification here!  I agree, that the best way to ensure ever user has the accurate telephone number in their profile would be to add that as a field for our HRIS sync.


I’ve asked the team to go ahead and convert this post into product feedback so customers that have the same feedback can engage and upvote this feedback for consideration in the future!