Add Tags in cards to track team member tasks

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We have been using Guru for over a year to write down all the company’s internal processes and procedures… and I feel like we still have 90% more of our SOP’s still to write. Sometimes we might need write down instructions on how to “Add someone to a system” for a new employee. But while writing the part the employee needs now you might realize that we also need a section in the card for removing someone from the system, and modifying their account and you realize to add/remove/modify you need information half described in another card… but you don’t have time for writing all of that right now, you just need to get the one piece written.


But you also need a good way to say “this chapter to be written later”. Even better is if there would be a screen in the account that tells people all the sections that still need to be written. Write now our way of marking a section that needs to be written is writing “TODO: <fast and dirty description of what needs to be written at a later date>”. That way we can search on TODO to know if a card still has stuff to be written.

Instead, is there a way we could 1) write a tag that guru captures as “this is a task that needs to be done” and 2) says who should do it. For example, could you add something like “#TODO:<description>” results in guru picking this up as a task so in another account screen we could see all the other TODO’s? Even better is something like: “#TODO(@george): <description>” where we could tag a specific person to write that area.

This isn’t meant to replace a ticketing system for making document changes but just a way to track how mature documents are. The more #TODO’s in a collection or board, the less mature the information is.

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