Additional formatting capabilities

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Guru’s integration and AI capabilities are superior to other documentation platforms, though can lack some basic formatting capabilities that other platforms, e.g. Confluence, have.

These formatting features allow for better visualisation of information and make it more user friendly. The below are some suggestions of would be useful to include in Guru:

  • Input text next to an image (left/right wrap)
  • Merge cells in a table
  • L/R/Centre align text within table cells
  • Input video the same way a screenshot is added

I agree that although the editor is mostly great, the lack of some basic features has been a pain for us ever since we started with Guru over two years ago. It would be awesome to have them, the ones we’re missing the most are:

  • insert a table within a table
  • merge cells in a table
  • not just header row but also header column
  • collapsible to be collapsed by clicking on the text (title) not just the little > sign

Merging cells is a noticeable gap.