Analytics for comments on cards

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I would love to be able to export comments as a csv file, or set up an integration so that every comment auto-updates a Google Sheet. Right now I track all the comments manually in a Google Sheet along with an actioned? column. We use it for performance reviews to highlight the contributors that keep our docs up to date.

Great suggestion, thanks @bwayne🙌 Appreciate the context on your current approach too, that's really helpful.

I think this might be possible, but are there any API calls for comments on cards? This just gave me an idea to set something up (in theory) that would send Guru card comments to a Slack channel - since we discourage commenting in favor of keeping everything in Slack (bc it's yet another queue to keep track of.)

I know this an older post but we are new to Guru and we would heavily use this ability to pull data on comments.  It would be helpful to see the type of comments our users are making to help guide our Effectiveness team to know where our gaps still are.  We could also use it as an incentive ploy to push our users to be more interactive and forward thinking. 

Agree with this. Comments and Questions both would be great!