Anchors (links) for cards paragraphs (verification status, deep linking, comments and translation)

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This is a stretch that probably won’t be considered, but I still think it’s interesting to consider.

The idea would be to allow doing a few operations on paragraphs, rather than always the whole card.

  • Unverify a single paragraph, it might be not true, but the rest of the card might still be valid. Until someone re-verifies it, the teams can still trust the rest of the card. The card verification status would then be “partial” or something like that.
  • Linking to a specific paragraph of a card.
  • Commenting on a specific paragraph of a card.
  • Translating would take advantage of this, allowing for bitexts for example.

If a paragraph cannot be track, everything previously said can fall back to the whole card, so “weak” paragraph identifiers (which can be lost when deleting a paragraph) would probably be fine.

I’m aware I can break cards in smaller cards, but this is not always practical for information consumers.

If I can adding linking to other elements/blocks (tables, headings, code blocks) would help as well.