Answers is not including hyperlinked text from source cards

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  • What is the problem?
    Thousands of our source cards contain processes and steps that also include hyperlinked text to external partner websites. When a user is asking a question, the answer does not include the hyperlinked text that is necessary to make the answer correct. The answer tells them to look up the answer on X website.

  • Who is it a problem for?
    All users at our company 

  • How do you solve the problem today?
    We do not have a solve and have tried many solutions such as adding text to cards that says, “To do X, click on the following hyperlink (hyperlink) but the answer will not include the hyperlinks 

  • How would you ideally solve the problem?
    Ideally we would have an option to fix within Guru but to our knowledge, this does not exist so we may need to choose another KMS.
    When text in a source card is hyperlinked (example: Financial Aid Office is hyperlinked to that partner’s Financial Aid Office), we need the answer to include the hyperlinked text or the answer isn’t helping our users.

  • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact etc.)?
    It is a major problem that is having a measurable impact on business and time spent finding information that is needed to support our clients while users are on the phone.
    This has caused Guru users to go to other AI applications to try to find answers outside of Guru and many of those answers are also incorrect


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