"Ask a Question" / Answers enabled for certain teams only

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We have both internal specialists and BPO agents using Guru for answers. The “Ask a Question” Ai feature seems like it might be a good tool for our internal teams (who have more experience and are able to discern any potential inaccuracies in the Answers). Though, our BPO agents take guidance at face value, cannot free-write their ticket responses, and we don’t have confidence that they’d recognize when Answers surfaces something incomplete/incorrect. 


I’d love a way to enable Answers for specific teams if possible!

Hey @Reba Mitchell! Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s always great to learn how we can better configure feature controls. 

While it’s not as easy as flipping a switch for a certain group of users, this separation can currently be achieved using Workspaces. We built workspaces with BPO’s in mind so customers could easily manage what content and features a group of users might have access to. For this specific scenario, you could spin up a new workspace, transfer your BPO users to the new workspace, then share just the content you want them to have access to and disable Answers.