Ask An Expert would be a great slack feature

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Hey all,

There’s a portion of my team that is dis-satisfied with the functionality Guru offers because it’s not as easy with Guru to “ask a quick question and get an answer”.  It occurs to me that it is in fact possible, using the “ask an expert” functionality, but that my team members don’t know about it because they primarily use guru through slack.  

It would be super cool to allow users to engage with the guru “ask an expert” functionality through the slack integration.  Maybe something like `/guru ask “here’s my question”` followed by a pop-up that provides the list of users/groups to whom the question could be addressed.  If there were an answer, then posting that answer in slack as a reply to the slack comment where the question was asked would be even more wonderful.  


Having a smarter bot would be great even if it’s not specially the Ask an Expert thing. 

Does your team know how to search guru in Slack? I use that a lot. 

We do as well.  Basically, this ask is about trying to make the interactions with guru as fluid as possible so that even for the little things, people automatically use the tool.  Being able to ask quick questions and get answers powered by existing guru docs would be a game changer for us.

Thanks @Cris Ewing! This is something we are actively thinking about and in the plans for the first half of 2022 :-) 

To @Siobhan Hyser’s point, the Guru actions within Slack (ie. /guru, “Answer with Card” message action, or asking the Guru bot directly) can be huge time savers and can sometimes go unnoticed, so I would encourage you to let your team know that they can always search Guru directly from Slack before “asking a quick question” of a teammate.

I will be sure to keep this post updated as we finalize the details for the next steps in automating the process of answering questions in Slack with Guru cards.

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Good morning, 

What is the status of asking Guru for new cards via Slack? I see that the plan was to plan/ implement this somewhere within these first 6 months) “ This is something we are actively thinking about and in the plans for the first half of 2022 🙂 “ 


Thanks for following up @Veronika Rubach! The reference there was more toward the “planning” and less toward the “implementing.” As far as timing goes, we most likely won’t see anything related to automated responses to questions in Slack go live until closer to the end of 2022.

That being said, I would recommend that you try asking questions directly in the DM with the Guru Slackbot. It won’t suggest groups or experts, as suggested in the original post, but it will provide relevant Guru cards: