Automatically add a Slack link to cards created from Slack conversation

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Hi Everyone - As I create Guru cards from Slack threads/conversations (which is mostly all the time), I realize it would be super helpful if Guru would automatically added a link in the Guru card to the Slack post that the question was created for (or make it an optional metadata to add). I'm adding it at the bottom of the card in case users want to see the origin convo/more details (my Guru card is a synthesis of the thread).
We don't typically create directly from a message, but would love an in-product way to link to to Slack messages as reference in a card. Right now, we use the (ref) formatting where the Slack message is hyperlinked in the ref.
interesting, what does it look like?
It's literally just a hyperlink (ref) at the end of a sentence or section. But we use the format consistently so people know if they click it, it's a link to a Slack message.

When I create a card from Slack, the context is almost always valuable- and I don’t think it would hurt anything either to have it around! Thus, I always manually paste in the Slack link. It would be so nice if Guru did this for me when generating the card.