Bigger and easier to read font size

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My suggestion for Guru: increase the font size to something modern, bigger and easier to read across all devices, even if it will continue to be unconfigurable by customers themselves.
This goes especially for the font size in Card View.


You're using 14px font size, whereas modern online publishing and reading tools such as Medium use 21px!

I did some experiments on my local computer for a saved Guru version, and saw that even 19px seem just fine for your font family.


Thank you very much!

Yes the font is small and hard to read and may be difficult for an employee or co-worker with bad eye sight. 

Yes please. Font size is way too small. Please increase font size between 19px to 21px as Eli suggested or add feature in the settings for the users to set font size themselves.



Bumping this! I have been struggling to read the Guru font size, glad to learn I’m not the only one. Would love to see an option to increase it.

Instead of increasing the font size, would Guru ever consider a zoom accessibility options that automatically resizes? This would serve all users - whether they prefer default, smaller, or larger.

This would be a great spot to put dark mode options too 🙏 

Example of Zoom accessibility option in Slack