Block Quote style uses a color that doesn't pass the contrast checker, failing accessibility tests

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The Block Quote font style in the Guru editor uses a font color that is very light, which makes it incredibly difficult to read, even for a person who doesn’t have low vision. When you test the font color using the WebAIM Contrast Checker, the contrast fails the test. This means the Block Quote style is not accessible. Please change the color of the Block Quote text so that this font style is usable and readable. 



Thanks @Ashley Gordon

The color you’ve identified looks to be the light gray box in front of the text. The default font color of the actual text looks to be #717780 which passes WCAG AA with a 4.51:1 ratio.

Is that color you’ve identified used for the actual text somewhere? If so we will change it.

Hi @Mitch Stewart ! You’re correct that I used the gray box that appears ahead of the text - I did so because the two colors looked identical to me. I just zoomed in to 200% on my browser to take a sample of the block quote text, and it does pass with the ratio you cited. However, I don’t think it changes the fact that I still find this color immensely difficult to read. I have 20/20 vision (promise it isn’t a brag) and if I’m finding that color difficult, I can’t imagine what it’s like for folks with low vision. I hope Guru will consider making this color a bit darker even though it passes 4 out of 5 levels of testing on the contrast checker. Moving the contrast to be a little darker will ensure the font color passes the contrast checker with flying colors, and will ensure it’s easier for everyone to read.