Bulk move cards to sections

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I'm not sure how useful this would be for others but I thought I'd throw it out here anyway. We're currently going through a massive migration to Guru (i'm talking *thousands* of documents being converted to cards) and a lot of that is coming in quite messily. A lot of my stakeholders are lamenting over not being able to drag and drop multiple Cards into a new Board or Section during their clean-up and instead having to do it card by card. Card Manager is there for bulk moving cards onto boards, but then they have to go back to the collection anyway to move the cards into each section one by one. Being able to bulk select and drag+drop from inside a collection would be a game-changer for clean-up and reorg.

Agree to this. This will be helpful for importing thousands of document 

This was a common complaint/request from our team during our migration, and it’s still mentioned when cleaning up cards without sections.

This would also be helpful for me as we’re migrating our knowledge-base over to Guru! I imagine this would also be useful when doing a knowledge clean-up or architecture edit. 🙏

Brand new Guru users here and we are migrating as well and this was definitely a common frustration for us also.  Card manager having the ability to bulk move to board groups and sections along with the current board option would be lovely!

In addition to these needs for bulk shifting card, boards, or sections around, I would love to be able to bulk-delete boards that are not working for us any more! When we’ve got 100+ boards to delete, doing it one by one is daunting.

Need this! Being able to add to section via Card Manager would be massive.

Adding to this, please add the option to ‘move to sections’ here?