Card elements should be movable sections. I should easily be able to drag and rearrange a text block and video block.

Hello, trialing Guru for our time, have looked at the Academy videos + this help section for related questions to hopefully avoid posting, but was unsuccessful. 

How do you move content within a card… rearrange and arrange elements once you’ve typed or copied/pasted them into that card? I can’t seem to hover and find an option to drag or move content up or down within the card once it’s there. 

Example: I added an embedded video element then typed another element w/ a bulleted list /  instructions… but then wanted to move the video below the instructions. Is this possible?  (Similarly, I did find the option to insert a new element / piece of info after something already there w/ the “insert below” option.)

I’m testing to see if we create cards / data and then need to rearrange it later, what that would be like.

Thank you for any direction / help! 

Hi @Judith Marshall ! Thank you for posting your question. When I’m working on this, I typically cut and paste sections to move fastest. That’s a great idea of moving sections within a Card like building blocks. 


I think our Product team would be interested in hearing about this so I went ahead and converted your post to a Product Idea. Now, everyone can see your feedback and vote on it. 


In addition to sharing your own feedback, you can also add your vote to other feedback, discuss feedback with other customers, learn about the various changes we’re considering for Guru, and engage directly with our Product team.


Let me know if you have any other questions, thank you!