Changes to UX/UI (sharing and favouriting)

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Problem: Change to UX/UI with the links and favourite icons moved to the top right resulted in further distance my mouse has to move to share information ultimately negatively impacting my efficiency and increasing the amount of mouse movement & number of clicks to accomplish the same task as before.

Problem for: My team who share guru cards regularly throughout our days in Slack support

How do you solve the problem today: Using the markdown chrome extension right click the guru card I have open > Copy as markdown > Paste into Slack > Highlight all text (ctrl+a) > Ctrl + F (converts markdown a hyperlink)

  • this can be accomplished using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + A to highlight all text, so it’s faster than the mouse clicks required to copy the link of text and type the guru card name/descriptor and attach the hyperlink
  • In split screen my mouse is bouncing back and forth between tabs (with slack being on left, resources (like guru) on right tab) and its easier to right click > copy as markdown nearer to the middle of the page where the former icon positions were (in between the two tabs) than the current position at top right. 

Ideal solution to the problem: Offer settings that allow us to tailor positioning of the icons where it makes sense for our personal use-case and workflow, and return the one-click copy link option to browser guru. 

How big the problem: This impacts every single question I help with, so consistently throughout my 40 hours a week

Note: I understand one-click share is possible in the Chrome extension, but the Chrome extension is too slow and unreliable to use in my workflow. I’m currently chatting with Guru tech support about this, but the recommended sharing the feedback here regarding the browser Guru

I noticed an error in my workaround, the proper command for converting markdown to hyperlink in Slack is Ctrl + Shift + F

I agree that the additional clicks and navigation needed to access the share option in particular is not ideal for my role. 

Solid write-up.  Sadly I find even the markdown extension to not really be too great an option, since in escalations and communications with most teams they want that to be in a non-markdown format, and sometimes the extension just acts up and doesn’t want to work.

Another “workaround” if the markdown one doesn’t work:

Ctrl + L (select all in the URL bar) > Ctrl + C (Copy) > Select text to paste over in Slack / select field to paste URL > Ctrl + V (Paste) 

Not an ideal solution either way, as both the markdown and copy all workaround above will copy the search parameters that found the card, which results in a longer than necessary URL. It also impacts the search function in Slack as searching the guru card URL may find other threads, but not necessarily if you’re searching the URL + the search parameters attached to the end of the URL. 

I just want the copy link button back in the cards, now I have to click share and then copy link and it’s just an extra step!

I just want the copy link button back in the cards, now I have to click share and then copy link and it’s just an extra step!



I just want the copy link button back in the cards, now I have to click share and then copy link and it’s just an extra step!


Agreed -- we use Guru mostly for Support workflows, which means we’re usually copying the card content. Having the extra click has a pretty big efficiency impact for our team.

Just popping in to say thank you for all your comments and upvotes! We’re hearing your feedback and are looking at ways to address it in the short term. Stay tuned!


Hi all, thank you for your input in the last week! We've heard your request for simple access to copying and have updated the product to offer solutions:

Users can turn off the keyboard shortcuts if they prefer. Learn more about how to use the shortcuts in the Help Center.

We appreciate all the feedback and helping us understand the impact of the UI update on your workflows. While we think it's important to have one place to see all share options, we know that having simple access to commands for the most frequent actions is important. We're striking a balance between an uncluttered app, and giving you what you need to be efficient. We've added keyboard shortcuts for the most frequently-used copy commands in this update, so you don't have to click on menus at all.

PS - we’re also updating the extension, which will be live in a couple of days!

Copy Link button in card UI



A few work arounds I find helpful to achieve the quick one-click copying is to hover over the title both in the Collections/Board section, or in any search results list view. Examples: