Collection Limiting enhancements due to "Light Users" announcement

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So I just want to start by saying that we’re super buzzed with the Light Users, and off the back of that, I’d like to make a request in relation to “Collection Limiting”

We’re planning on using the Light Users feature, and making more collections publicly available, but this could potentially impact the AISuggest Text for us.

I’m not entirely sure how this would work, but do you think it would be possible to set “AISuggest Text - Collection Limiting” on a per Group basis?

What this would do is allow us to dictate which collections are used for recommending content, on a per group basis. So if we had Managed Services, Sales Engineering and Support content all publically visible, the RevOps team would be able to “see” it on the Collections page, and search through it on the search bar (if they ever needed to), but their AISuggest would recommend content from the Revenue Ops collections, as it was configured on this page.

It’s a bit of an “out there” concept and it’s exceptionally rough, but would increase functionality and make the AISuggest Text even more specific to specialists in their area, leading to more adoption of the tool.

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