Create collapsable sections within a Card

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I have read Creating Collapsible Sections in Markdown but feel the information is limited. 


Are there more resources or anything in the pipeline around collapse text? Looking for level 1 material as my department isn’t used to using markdown and would like to add tables, images etc within this feature. 

Hi @David B Parle! 👋 Because creating collapsible sections using Markdown is a workaround and not a Card editor feature, there are going to be some limitations to this path. Guru’s Card editor uses the Commonmark flavor of Markdown and either their tutorial/walkthrough or the reference guide are recommended resources. 

I’ve also converted the question into a Product Feedback post so that our product team can track interest in the form of upvotes and comments! Whenever you have a moment, it would also be helpful for the team working on our Card editor to hear a little more of the context around your team’s use case for collapsible sections. Thank you!

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