Custom domain branding

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What is the problem?

Who is it a problem for?

  • Our customer service personal who will be using Guru to share Guru public knowledgeable articles with our customers.

How do you solve the problem today?

  • Currently I’m on the fence with sticking with Guru or looking for an alternative option. If we stayed, we would be forced to share the public URLs that look like

How would you ideally solve the problem?

How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact etc.)?

  • I would say we will be sharing these knowledgeable articles daily with customers, so the business impact would be relatively high and frequent.
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Agreed! Or at least find an alternate name to “GetGuru” -- it’s not a friendly quick search name (as there are a lot of Guru companies out there) and it isn’t exactly easy to “market” internally. I love the Guru name, as we’re using it within our organization already, but it would be ideal if our internal site stayed within our companies domain name.

So that we can begin marketing our internal site more easily, we have created a subdomain ( that redirects to the URL, but this isn’t an ideal solution and is simply a workaround so our employees can easily remember how to access the site.

This is an example of a subdomain forwarding configuration in GoDaddy (if this workaround helps anyone). Again, this was implemented so we can easily market an internal URL to our Guru site for easy memory within our organization.


Our company is also worried about the link which is used to browse documentation and especially when sharing cards public.

We would rather have that the domain can be customized to instead of

This makes it more clear internally and externally that the documentation is coming from an approved company domain.

Basically, using a generic URL like which is applicable for all tenants has some security issues:

  1. Lack of Domain Authentication: When using a generic domain, it's harder to verify the authenticity of the source. This can potentially lead to phishing attacks where malicious criminals create similar-looking pages to deceive users.
  2. Reduced Trust: External users and even internal teams might be hesitant to trust content from a generic domain, as it doesn't clearly indicate the source. This can impact the credibility of our documentation.
  3. Brand Identity: Using a customized domain like enhances our brand identity and ensures that users recognize and trust the source of the documentation.

We are also looking for this capability. Our goal is to be able to have a collection dedicated to external quick answers, that we link to from our internal collection to create a single source of truth (rather than duplicating all content as internal and external). The lack of branding is a major issue for us in this endeavor. 

We would pay extra for this. Looking forward to this! How can we get this going? Hope this can be moved up in the pipeline!