Custom Template for New Collections

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As an Admin, I need the ability to create a custom template to be used in the creation of new collections; so that I can have unified structure to all collections created.

We have a very specific way we structure our folders and explanation cards for each collection. It would be wonderful to create this scaffold one time and have it recreated on all new collections.

Could you set up a template collection, export it then import it to the new collection?

That is an interesting idea. I only know of exporting from the Card Manager. Is there a way to export a complete collection, so as to preserve the folder hierarchy?

Try Team Settings/Content Export, then Users and Collections/… (three dots at the top right of the collection)/Import Content

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being in Trial phase of Guru i was faced with same question/need - need of an individual Collection Framework to use multiple times (to move ~ 150 customers and all the linked pages to unified structure in guru).
Did use the workaround posted by support team and for now it does offer what I need, more testing to be done.

  1. Create a Collection with the desired framework
    1. IMPORTANT: In order for this to work, you need to have at least ONE Card in this framework
  2. Export that Collection as a .zip file - see this Help Center article for details on how to do this
  3. Create a new blank Collection where you would like to utilize the framework
  4. Migrate the exported Collection .zip into the new Collection via the Guru import option
  5. Once the import is complete, the new Collection will have the desired framework

I see the possibility of a “Collection Framework” very important, especially in terms of “unified structurue”, hope this is hand,led as serious feature request.