Difficulty finding context of cards using search

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Often, we need to search our meeting notes to identify past discussions.  It is not realistic to summarize the topics covered in the headline and even using a lot of tags to describe it lacks context. 

The search results simply link over to the many meetings that included the keywords and then you would need to pick through every card to see the contenxt in which that keyword is used.. this process is not very effective for our needs.

What we need is search results showing context, so if i search “facebook”, i dont simply get a list of 100 cards with facebook or a website in the address, i can actually see the context in which it is used.

Currently, searching for “facebook” yields:

Card title: Meeting notes from 4/17/21

Tags: social media, facebook……….


What we need is some level context in the results listing:

Joie stated we need to be answering customers by automating facebook messenger

Hi Craig,

I’m the PM for search and discovery here at Guru! Thank you so much for posting this, it’s something we hear with some frequency and we agree it can be tough to decide which card is the right card based on the information currently shown. 

I’m happy to report we are just about to start work on a project that will add content snippets to results and highlight words in cases where there is an exact match between the search query and the title, tags, or content of the card. I’m not ready to offer an exact timeline but this is a high priority for us so I’m going to set the status of this post to “Scheduled.”

As we get into ironing out some of the details I’ll make sure to bring up any questions and share updates here. Please let me know if you have more thoughts!


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Awesome! this kind of improvement will be much appreciated by all users

Hello @Zach Dimond, @Craig Doriot, and @Kristin Fretz!

I’m happy to let you know that we’re making progress on this. Here’s what we have in an internal testing environment:


The current functionality is:

  • highlight exact matches with the search terms when they occur in the title and/or content of a Card (Guru considers more than exact matches in determining relevant Cards but it seemed confusing to highlight things like synonyms)
  • show up to 20 words from the content of the Card
  • the snippet of the Card that’s shown will either be what Guru considers the best matching section of the content, or the first 20 words of the Card if there isn’t a particular section that is highly relevant
  • there’s no highlighting with exact matches in tags (that seemed distracting in our testing)
  • all text formatting is ignored in the Card content snippets
  • if content in an attachment matched the search terms, a note that “Match found in attachment <attachment name>” is displayed

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! We have a bit more work to go before it’s far enough along to share with customers but I’m hoping that once we’re at that point, some of you would be interested in giving it a try during a short Early Access program.