Firefox Extension for Guru

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As a Firefox user, I want to be like the cool kids and have a browser extension like Chrome does.

Thanks, Ian. We want you to be like the cool kids too :-) 

Currently, Firefox usage among our customer base is not high enough to warrant this kind of investment, but I will leave this post open and let other members of the Community upvote if it is a widespread need.

I’d love this feature too! Long time Firefox users here with no plans to move back to Chrome.

Certain teams within our organization only use Firefox so they don’t get to experience all the benefits of Guru. We’d love to see a Firefox extension too!

We have recently had to switch to FF due to Chrome no longer being compatible with our main cloud software and Guru is our main go-to for knowledge! Guru DEFINITELY needs to support a FF extension!

@Jon Saft Maybe Firefox usage isn’t high because there’s no extension for it? Our user base is almost exclusively Safari users, but once we deploy (we’re new to Guru), everyone will have to switch to Chrome to get the best experience, so it will look like you don’t have a lot of Safari users either, even though you would if the user experience was there. 

@Philip Jones this type of chicken and the egg conundrum is definitely something we are thinking about and keeping an eye on.

To give some perspective on how we approach this problem, looking at global and domestic desktop browser usage, we see that Chrome is still the dominant player in the market (roughly 60% as of December 2021 compared to 6.6% for Firefox). Additionally, we are always monitoring the traffic sources to our marketing pages (ie. prospective users) as well as our app usage, which leans even more toward Chrome.

All that being said, threads like this with significant activity and upvotes certainly play a significant role in how we prioritize our upcoming roadmap, so while we still can’t commit to any specific timeline, it is absolutely on our radar and up for consideration.

Thanks for keeping this under consideration @Jon Saft . Browser diversity is very important to me personally and the Internet in general. I’m moving back to Firefox after a less than impressive run with Chrome and will miss this integration.

With the rollout of Manifest v3 and the impact on ad-blockers and web security in general there is a great potential for users to adopt alternative browsers such as Firefox. Personally, I have no intention to go back to Chrome now but my team utilizes Guru and myself along with a few other teammates would love to join the “cool kids” by having a FF extension available :)

Defo wanna see FF Extension too. Many FF users in my ORG with no intention of moving back to Chrome.

Hey all,

We appreciate the input! Our team is always keeping an eye on whether our users’ browser preferences are shifting, but the vast majority of users interacting with Guru (even on our marketing pages) are still coming in from Chrome. We’ll keep this on our radar though and leave the post open in case that changes.