Folder level editing/authoring permissions

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I’d like to have the flexibility to change permissions for single folders (formerly “boards”) within a collection so that they can be edited by folks who do not have author permission to the entire collection. 



I am part of our Community Management team and we own a large college for all product knowledge. We have this collection split into folders for the different areas of our product. Most of those folders align with our product teams/verticals. I want to be able to give a product team or individuals on a product team editing access to the cards within the folder related to their area of ownership, without giving them keys to our entire kingdom. I’m aware that I can split this collection into multiple collections to accomplish something similar, but that would result in a lot of collection noise.


Thanks and congrats on your new community space!

Echoing - hope we can change author access at a board level not a collection level!!! 

This would be quite helpful for our organization; a very big plus one!

I triple the above comments! Yes!!!!

Since the author role is a very powerful role and there is no way to stage changes to content, this is a crucial need. Currently, I cannot allow anyone to author content in a collection without giving them far too many permissions to the entire collection. As of right now, I have no way to truly practice the principle of least privilege without creation far too many collections.

This would be extremely helpful. Currently the People team at my organization is the only owner of the People Collection, which houses the Staff Directory. I’d love for the staff to feel empowered to change their own cards!

This feature would also help us keep our collections from splintering as we try to share author access without allowing too many people to affect our entire collection. We’d love to see this feature.

My company would benefit greatly from this feature as well.

Yes, we as well really would appreciate having author permissions.

We’re evaluating Guru for use in our organization.   Our organization has multiple products with many different functions, and our organization has many different teams supporting these functions.   To that end, I was surprised to find that Author Permissions could not be individually assigned per board (or board group).   I would prefer to keep the collection set “small” for the folks administering Guru, and my initial thought was to set up collections as follows:

  • Benefits Board(s) (HR Authors)
  • Travel & Expense Board(s). (Finance Authors)
  • DE&I Board(s) (HR Authors)
  • IT Self-Service (IT Authors)
  • etc...
  • collection] Team Knowledge (Everyone “Reads” the Collection, but board permissions could restrict what boards they saw)
    • Marketing (Marketing Authors, HR Reads) 
    • Sales (Sales Authors, HR Reads)
    • etc….
  • collection] Product 1 (Everyone Reads)
    • Product Marketing (Marketing Authors, Everyone Reads)
    • Demo Info (Tech Teams & Marketing Author, Everyone Reads)
    • Technical Info (Tech Teams Authors)
    • Design Info (R&D Authors, Tech Teams Read)
  • dcollection] Product 2
  • etc...
  • However, with lack of author permissions on the individual board/board group level, that structure is mostly impossible.    The way our organization is structured, I would need to move some of those Boards up a level as a Collection.  This will clutter the collection interface for those that manage collections and permissions.

    The other benefit to this, is that they can constrain the searches to specific boards easier.  For example, rather than searching for marketing material on product 2 in a generic marketing bucket (basically what we do now in Sharepoint), we could browse to the product 2 collection and then search for marketing material.


    Just a different way of organizing things.


    Thanks for considering.

    cc/ @Molly Vogt 

    Echoing this need!

    As previously said by others, echoing the need too!

    Echoing here too! This should also be added to sections. Having the ability to edit permissions at each file level will allow for least permissions knowledge management!

    Echoing here too, we definitely need this feature, now that the Light User option is gone, we only want a specific number of People to be able to Author/Edit/Update cards.

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    Hi Community, 

    Thanks so much for all the engagement on this post and for all of your input. There is currently no change but this is very much still on Guru’s radar because we understand this would be very valuable. Please continue to share your feedback and when our plans changes we will let you all know!

    +1 On the helpfulness of adding this feature. We are a small team supporting a much larger one. Having the ability to grant author permission at the folder level would allow us to maintain control without a lot of collection noise « really like that phrase!

    +1, for example in the HR collection you don’t want people from payroll to edit the board regarding selection & onboarding.

    This is the sole feature preventing our company from moving to Guru.

    Voting that this would be very helpful and logical to our structure as well. 

    PLEASEEEEE this is so very needed.