Follow specific folders or collections for alerts on all new cards and card edits

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Here’s the use case I shared in my company’s general chat.

Is anyone aware of a way to "Follow" Guru collections or folders so they can be notified about any new cards or edits to existing cards?

I got surprised to see a folder (Sales Process > Opportunities) changed in a big way that impacts my work, but I didn't notice it for months until someone mentioned it in a meeting. Would love to get digest emails showing what's new or edited.

I know it's possible to follow a card, but that doesn't really help with my main use case -- understand what's happening in a space that I need to stay informed about. I'd have to go in and follow each new card after it's created... :confused:Guessing there's not a feature for this, and I will suggest it to Guru, but I thought it'd be useful to highlight this as a weakness of our current documentation tools/processes. Other tools I'm familiar with do this (Confluence).

Hi Cam,

Thanks for posting this, we’re happy to hear about more ways we could expand the new following concept to help you in your day-to-day 🙂 I have a few suggestions that might help since we don’t have this functionality today and a few questions for you or anyone else who comes along in the future so that we can make sure we fully understand the gap. 


  1. Slack activity feeds - this would let you get a notification in a Slack channel of your choosing any time a new card is added to a specific collection. Multiple feeds (collections) can be set up for a single Slack channel. 
  2. Zapier - set up a Zap for tracking edits and/or new cards in collections or boards you care about and have it deliver notifications about those changes to a location of your choosing. 
  3. There’s a feed of new cards on the homepage of each collection.
  4. The Guru extension has a list of all new cards you have access to on its “homepage.”
  5. You can also use Card Manager to target recently created or edited cards by many dimensions.

I know those last few options don’t push the change to you, but in case you don’t need immediate notifications they might help. 



  1. You mentioned the changes to the Board impacted your work. Is that because you are one of the people responsible for the maintenance of this content or because the changes to the information itself affect your work (i.e. you missed learning about a change to a process you relied on)?
    1. How did it impact your work?
  2. What kind of notifications would you want for these events? Immediate? A daily digest?
    1. If immediately, why would you need to know about the new cards/edits so quickly?
  3. Do you want the same kind of notifications for new cards as you do for edits?
  4. How much information about the change do you need in the notifications?

Thank you!

Agree that this is needed, I would add one addition to the original poster's comments. Would be great if admin had the ability to require certain groups to follow a collection, board group, or similar to ensure everyone is being updated on any card changes; it seems the follow feature is currently decentralized, but the centralization of this feature is important when we want to ensure a group is updated of any new card or card edits.