Improve search analytics in order to track how effective tags are

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I’d like to know if users are searching for content via the #tag filter. Is that possible? 

I’m asking as I’d like to know how effective tags are, as the maintenance can be time-consuming.

This would also be helpful for our team. We use tags to help users identify content that contains guidance specific to their particular role. I’d like to see if users are searching these tags to narrow down content. If not- we can reassess if it’s worth retraining users on its functionality, or pivoting away from the practice altogether.  

Hi @David B Parle & @Reba Mitchell, thanks so much for asking the question and sharing a little more about how it would benefit your teams to have the ability to analyze tag usage. I checked in with Guru’s Product team and, unfortunately, we don't record any tag filters on search analytics that you could use to analyze tag effectiveness. I’ll convert this question to “Product Feedback” so that other users can upvote the idea to show support and share their use cases.