Improve search within Card experience (Ctrl+F)

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What is the problem: When we use the global search bar to search a keyword/s, then select a card from that list of results, then our only option to find the keywords within a card is the CTRL+F function. Because the card opened from the list of search results is an overlay of up to 49 other cards that also surfaced because they likely have the same keyword (and in the preview of the result), then using CTRL+F will identify every instance of the keyword not only in the selected card, but in the search results as well and then take you through each instance.

Who does this affect: Anybody trying to find content in our longer cards, where they need to quickly find a specific keyword within. (Unfortunately, all of our cards can’t be bite-sized). 


How to ideally solve for the problem: Add a search within the card feature or reconsider the overlay. 

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This is an absolute must. I have heard a lot of negative feedback from my team about this.

The poor search functionality within a card is a HUGE problem for us.  Our teams are copying our guru cards into their own google docs (knowledge management nightmare) that they keep because they can more easily search there.  On the flip side, if we made all our cards bite sized, search wouldn’t allow you to find the one card because key words would result in even more cards being returned with a search.

We greatly appreciate the in-line commenting and drafts collaboration which pulled so much we did from Google docs - but we really need a search within a card ability to get buy in from our sales & ops teams (and for our business to keep using Guru).

I will also say CTRL + F does not cut it, because it searches the entire list of cards returned in the guru card search in the background of the open card, in addition to the content of the card that is opened.  It results in a lot of extra clicks and unnecessary results of “found” words that are not in the card a user is viewing.

I truly can’t believe this issue isn’t priority #1 or more frequently talked about.

When you’re in a rush to quickly find a specific section of a huge guru card it’s SO frustrating to have the global search results (all the other cards’ previews) included in your ctrl+F query.


PLEASE fix this asap.


Hello all,

Over the past few weeks we have been releasing a new search experience that addresses the CTRL-F issue when you search within the web app. We hope to complete the roll out of this by the end of this month to all customers.

@Renee Lawlor you should already see this within your experience, let us know how it is working for you.

@Levi Smith we are waiting on a few more things we need to update on our side before we can turn it on for your team.

@Mitch Stewart 😭 happy tears!!! Thanks so much for helping with this, Mitch!

Thank you @Mitch Stewart this is working for us! It’s a huge save by Guru!

@Mitch Stewart hi! What a great news! Cannot wait for this to be released so I can inform our team! 

@Mitch Stewart Thanks for the update! I would really like to see Guru publish release notes for these changes. There haven’t been any new release notes since March 28, but Guru has consistently been pushing out small improvements. It’s great to see your update above, but it would have been better to see release notes on a weekly basis with the new changes, rather than finding out about them late or not at all.

If I know from experience that CTRL+F doesn’t work, I won’t keep trying it, and I’ll just never use it again until someone tells me it does work. It’s unfortunate when that functionality is available and we don’t hear about it for weeks!

Thanks @Ashley Gordon  - a newly updated release notes process and set of community updates will be forthcoming this month. Thanks for your patience.